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Well people, the LELO Ora has finally hit Australian shores and is now in-store to shop online at Passionate Jade now. To get the fun stuff out of the way, its RRP is $219, but we’re doing introductory pricing at $199 with free shipping to give the Ora a warm welcome.

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First up, let’s get technical. It’s an oral-sex style vibrating toy. It has lovely soft silicone and is lovely to touch, and as always, the LELO packaging is gorgeous. It feels very premium.

LELO Ora is here to give you a unique c-spot (clitoral) stimulation experience. Billed as an oral sex toy, it doesn’t behave like a tongue, but it does behave to give you the same sort of sensations.

It vibrates, it is waterproof up to 1 metre depth, it has 10 stimulation modes, it’s rechargeable (via wall socket – LELO give us USB charging already GRAWR) with one hour of use and 90 hours of standby. It also has an ‘intense’ setting where you can ramp it up for an extra 30% of oomph.

Ora is available in black, cerise and midnight blue, which are all really gorgeous colours, and we’ve got to hand it to LELO – while they do tend to stick to the classics a lot, colour wise – they have a really good colour selection and aren’t afraid to mix it up.

What you get in the box with your LELO Ora

What you get in the box with your LELO Ora

The Ora does two things at once – it’s a typical LELO vibration across the toy, and there’s also a large, very soft, circular section that not only vibrates, it has another function where it flicks, circulates and rotates. Laid over the c-spot, it provides both a nice vibration and an additional ‘flick’. It’s intense, and it’s a genuinely new sensation.

So what’s the Passionate Jade verdict?

  • It’s a genuinely new sensation.
  • It’s very much a c-spot toy.
  • It’s very pretty and all of the good visual things.

It’s not going to be for everyone, purely from an intensity viewpoint. Because of the little ‘flick’, that section of the toy – which has the most clitoral contact – is very soft. This won’t be intense enough for those ladies who need a lot of power to get to the big O. For the ladies who can get there pretty comfortably, you’re likely going to love this device a LOT. For those who need extra grunt, best to look for something a little different.

Overall – we do love it and it’s very much worth a look!

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